Affordable NEW Housing in Columbus

by Maureen McCabe on February 19, 2008

A comment on another blog (not my blog) about the Demographia Survey  from Jack:

“New housing in C-bus is affordable, and when affordable, is also bad.

I work for a company that supplies several essentials to finish new houses.

Our company services a wide range of home builders from 150K to 2m+.

New homes and the profits made from them are in the worst shape in over 20 years. Might be good for buyers who have the jack and actually know what kind of houses they are buying, but bad for the builders and the jobs they provide.

The majority of “affordable” homes (and I realize that term means diff things to diff people) are basic expletive built on expletive treeless farmland turned into mudfields with below average services and cookie cutter Dominion/MI/Ryland/Westport/Rockford/Centex/expletive, expletive, expletive. “

I edited Jack’s comment to remove a racial remark. And naughty words… I think it’s an expletive.  His vulgar word could be translated to “refuse; rubbish; junk; litter;” according to

Did you buy a Dominion, MI, Ryland (no they’ve been gone for years), Rockford or Centex home in Central Ohio in the past 5 to 10 years? Jack thinks you should have been denied that right.You should have had to continue to rent until you were able to buy a home that met with Jack’s discerning taste for quality. Or you should have bought a resale home, no new home for you! And the owner of that treeless farmland should have been restrained from selling that land to builders who would build a home YOU could afford.

Jack must be selling to these builders he’s bad mouthing if he’s selling from 150,00 dollars on up.

MI, Ryland (Do I know Westport?) and Centex sell in lots of markets that are much less affordable than Columbus…

No comments bad mouthing a particular builders will be published…

No comments bad mouthing cornfields will be published… Maybe that’s going too far. No comments saying “cornfields suck.” Unless you can do it with style and flair, no picking on the topography of Central Ohio. We all know cornfields are flat. We all know once the corn is gone cornfields are very, very bare…

There’s a poll about builders in the sidebar. Who is the best lower priced builder in Central Ohio?

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