97 bottles of beer on the wall…

by Maureen McCabe on August 24, 2009

Yesterday I saw a tweet from a real estate agent in Oklahoma that  there were only 99 days until the First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit dries up which made me think of one of my favorite road trip signs songs when I was a kid.  Not real young kid, I probably learned “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” at Girl Scout camp.

But there were only 98 days according to the Real Living countdown clock on the front page of my website now…

Which means today there are 97 days except you really only have 24 days to get a house under contract by Dan Green’s calculations… Dan of The Mortgage Report:

Forget November 30, 2009 — Make November 16, 2009 Your Personal First-Time Home Buyer Tax Credit Deadline

There’s a countdown clock on The  Mortgage Reports  site too… three months, 8 days, etc.

99 bottles of beer on the wall

The countdown clock on my website is only visible if you use Internet Explorer… I seldom use IE.   If you do… is it there?  Does it say 97?

Don’t worry this is a series but I am NOT going to count it down day by day.  I’ll get bored.

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