What's wrong with Worthington?

by Maureen McCabe on January 17, 2007

Columbus Map with Wo ZipWhat’s wrong with Worthington? Nothing at all. Worthinton Ohio a suburb of Columbus is a wonderful community.

A Columbus blogger, Tina at Green Buckeye blog emailed me yesterday to put my blog(s) on Placeblogger.com.  When I got there the place  seemed familiar.. deja vu…?  I thought at first I had entered my blog or blogs there… when? which?  Oh dear had the blogs names been changed since?

Columbus Blogs
Title: City: Province: Country:

Digital Vittles Columbus Ohio United States

Green Buckeye Columbus Ohio United States

Livin in Cowtown Columbus Ohio United States

None of mine…. Soon I was alarmed to find my Discover Columbus Blog on Placeblogger.com under Worthington though.

Worthington Blogs
Title: City: Province: Country:

Discover Columbus Worthington Ohio United States

Did I add it there? Why?

Tina thinks it might be the 43085 zip code… but isn’t it all part of the greater Columbus area?  Columbus, Dublin, Lewis Center, Powell, Westerville, Worthington, etc.

Sellsius° Blog writing about Placeblogger  said Teresa Boardman in St. Paul, Brad Nix in Atlanta and I were the fist place bloggers they knew.   Are all real estate bloggers place bloggers?  

According to Placeblogger.com

“What’s a placeblog?
A placeblog is an act of sustained attention to a particular place over time
It can be done by one person, a defined group of people, or in a way that’s open to community contribution
It’s not a newspaper, though it may contain random acts of journalism
It’s about the lived experience of a place”  

Placeblogging is  more than news though…

Placeblogger goes on to say: “They’re about the lived experience of a place.”

It looks like Discover Columbus was added to Placeblogger by “visitor” me? on January 7, 2007 at 8:02 A.M.  Hmmmmm me? Maybe. Sunday January 7, 2007  was a stressful morning for me… I could not find ColumbusBestBlog.com.  This barely a week old blog was AWOL for a few hours that morning.  Is it any wonder I did not add ColumbusBestBlog.com to Placeblogger.com what if it was never found?   It was returned unharmed before noon.

What’s wrong with Worthington? Nothing. I have blogged about Worthington on Discover Columbus and on Active Rain – Columbus Ohio a bunch of times.

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1 Lisa Williams January 17, 2007 at 11:04 pm

Ahhhhh….See, Placeblogger uses the Yahoo! Maps engine, and I’m pretty sure it thinks of the zip code as definitive — that is, if you have two pieces of information, the zip code wins.

Do you want me to fix them? It’s more important for your sites to reflect your sense of place than Yahoo’s :)

Lisa Williams

2 moinoh January 17, 2007 at 11:24 pm

Please!!! Thanks Lisa. Zipcodes in Columbus are anything but definitive. Gee I think I see a blog in that….

3 Mo in MI January 19, 2007 at 07:57 am

I am a place blogger now too!

4 moinoh January 19, 2007 at 01:12 pm

Good I thought you were probably a place blogger….

5 moinoh March 30, 2007 at 03:58 pm

strange I put this blog on Placeblogger today… but after the comment above. But before I saw the comment above. Spooky.

It looks like Discover Columbus is listed as Columbus now. I almost put Columbus Best Blog in another zip but I did not know a zip code and real address to use.

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