The Mob in Columbus

by Maureen McCabe on September 7, 2007

Columbus Zoo Kangaroo mob 

Did you know there is a mob in Columbus?  The mob is located in the Australia exhibit at the Columbus Zoo

I thought of a huge group of people when I read a sign about what a “mob” is at the Columbus Zoo… a man joking with his young son referenced organized crime. It sounded like he was talking “mafia” more than mob… but as I said I thought of a big group of people.  Mob scenes shopping the day after Thanksgiving kind of mob.


From Boomers to Blue fliers: Fun facts About Kangaroos from the Columbus Zoo!!

“Social behavior: Kangaroos are represented by a variety of social behaviors. Some are essential solitary, while other species live in well-defined groups called “mobs.” As a whole, they cannot be categorized as particularly social (a biological term for “gregarious”) animals. ”

Not all kangaroos hang out in mobs?  If there is a group of Kangaroos it is a mob.

My apologies if you came looking for something about organized crime in Columbus…


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