Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit – August 2009

by Maureen McCabe on August 1, 2009

It is good luck to say “Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit”  first thing each month… and so ColumbusBestBlog.com tries to.  I do  not always succeed, but  I try to carry on the tradition or superstition. It’s been difficult to dig up anything to say about Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit the past couple of months.  Not so this time.

I met a baby rabbit this week under very unfortunate circumstances and had to take him to the Ohio Wildlife Center for help.

Do you know about the Ohio Wildlife Center? It’s celebrating 25 years of helping native Ohio wild animals who are sick, injured or orphaned.

I took an injured baby rabbit… a bunny to their facility on Billingsley Rd. in Northwest Columbus. Wednesday morning.

Have a good month!

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