Dublin’s Indian Run Falls

by Maureen McCabe on June 28, 2010

Dublin Indian Run ParkI was sure I wrote about Indian Run Falls in Dublin here on ColumbusBestBlog.com  in 2008 but I can not find it.

As I remember the night of  June 25,  2008, a Wednesday night there was a lot of rain.  We tried to go to Hayden Falls on June 26, 2008 but the water was so high we chickened out. Instead we went to Dublin and went to Indian Run Falls.

On ’365 Things To Do In Columbus Ohio’ on  Facebook:

Maranda Stires Eveland Awhile back you had the waterfalls in Columbus, but I dont remember their location, do you still have that information available?

Indian Runs Falls is in a City of Dublin park, it is  about three and a half acres.  Address is 700 Shawan Falls Dr.

Somewhere I have pictures of the falls not just “the run.”   This one was a picture taken on my phone.  There are some gorgeous photos of  Indian Run Falls on Flickr… all but one winter shot of Dublin’s Indian Run Falls are “All Rights Reserved.”   Look but don’t touch.

Indian Run Falls, Dublin Ohio map:

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