Columbus N.E. a Mansion Fit for a King

by Maureen McCabe on September 24, 2007

Monarch ButterflyOrange barrels line State Route 161 in northeast Franklin County County, have for years as the New Albany area grows.

I thought I had never been to Blendon Woods in N.E. Franklin County.

Metro Parks

Blendon Woods Metro Park

I have driven by Blendon Woods a lot. Although with all the orange barrels I try to avoid the area.

Getting to Blendon Woods from the Polaris area was the tough part. I was not driving. I was co-pilot… coming from just south of Polaris we took Cleveland Avenue to 161 and went east. Unfortunately when we got close to Blendon Woods we accidentally got on 270 with all the orange barrel action on State Route 161. We took a drive by Easton up north to Morse Rd. then could not get on 161 from 270 so went to Route 3 South to 161 east… then with full concentration on reading signs and distinguishing orange barrel strewn routes we stayed on State Rout 161 the second time through, we took the Little Turtle Way exit, we turned on E. Dublin -Granville Rd. (Old State Route 161 / East Dublin Granville Road according to the Blendon Woods brochure) and made the turn into Blendon Woods Metro Park!

When we got there I knew I was right I have never been to Blendon Woods Metro Park before!

We visited the Walden Waterfowl Refuge, Thoreau Lake and it’s observation shelters, we saw some of the migratory birds.. we saw ducks and sandpipers. We saw three turtles on a log in the Thoreau Lake sunning themselves. I caught sight of them with my bare eyes.

On our hike we saw squirrels…. that was really it for wildlife… we spent a lot of time identifying trees. There was just an itty bitty bit of color change….

The most photogenic part of the day was Blendon Woods Metro Park’s “Monarch Mansion”… a tent fit for the king of butterflies. Excuse me for using the same slide show again, I am addicted to the look of the collage and it really works for me with these butterflies.

The second photo is a picture of a Monarch butterfly on the front of the tent.

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