Columbus is for Kid’s! Inniswood Metro Gardens

by Maureen McCabe on August 31, 2007

Inniswood Metro Garden Sister GardenOf course COSI is for kids (but lots of adults love it too.) Of course the Columbus Zoo is for kids….

The Sisters’ Garden is a garden for children at Inniswood Metro Gardens  in Westerville.   There are gardens within gardens within gardens at this Metro Park.    It says ‘To Nurture the Nature of the Child in Everyone” on a brochure available at the Sisters’ Garden.

The seven gardens within the Sisters’ Garden include the Entry Garden where the sculpture of Mary and Grace Innis as children pictured above is.

The Country Garden includes Granny’s House and Bessie’s Barn. I can hardly believe I did not photograph those for the slide show below but the windmill and the water tower are part of the Country Garden.

A lot of the photos in the slide show below are of the Wetland Garden, including a photo of the summer of 2007 sculpture installation, BIG BUGS  which is at Inniswood Metro Gardens through October 14, 2007.  The Big Bug  sculptures by David Rogers  are scattered throughout the park, the Dragonfly lighted in a pond in the Wetland Garden within the Sisters’ Garden.

Other gardens within the nerly three acre Sisters’ Garden include:

 Woodland Garden – tree, lots of them

Turtle Mound – a landform

Story Maze - Grandfather Tree,  a Native American legend and a maze!

Circle Maze – Sky Woman

Trellis Cave - Ohio limestone, fossils

Secret Garden… I’d tell you but it’s a secret…


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