Columbus Hero, Don Scott

by Maureen McCabe on March 20, 2009

I thought at first when I saw the Wikipedia entry for Don Scott, only in Columbus would we have an airport named for a football player.  Or had.  The airport formerly named Don Scott Field is now named The Ohio State University Airport…

Don Scott  (American football) in Wikipedia Old history… pre World War II football career at OSU and he moved onto professional football, drafted by the Chicago Bears in 1941 according to Wikipedia.

When I read the last paragraph I had an ah ha moment …

“Scott was ninth overall selection in the 1941 NFL draft. He was selected by the Chicago Bears. Scott decided to volunteer to fight in the war in Europe. Scott had participated in the Civilian Pilot Training Program, sponsored by the Civil Aeronautics Administration, while at Ohio State. When he entered the United States Army Air Corps it was as a commissioned pilot.

On October 1, 1943, Capt. Don Scott died when his bomber crashed while he was in training. The following month, Ohio State University trustees named the school’s new airport after him.”

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