Columbus best sunrise? sunset?

by Maureen McCabe on May 28, 2009

By request. takes requests now.  For the early risers among the readers… where is the best sunrise  in Central Ohio?

Someplace on the east side?  Some spot downtown with an eastern view?

Actually maybe those in Hilliard or Columbus’ west side who work downtown get to see the sun rising over the city.   Depending on their schedule and the time of year they’d get to see some punishingly glaring sunsets on the way home from work…

I could not say a spot but I remember a gorgeous fall Saturday morning east of Hoover Reservoir… as the sun was coming up.  Kinda lost… but we found the houses. That was not so much sunrise as fog and mist burning off…  very atmospheric.

Sunsets from the porch of 6902 N. High Street (Real Living HER Worthington) can be kinda gorgeous…  we sit back off the road enough and are high enough from the National City Bank ( in front of us) to get a great sunset… of course looking  a little south of our office used to work when there was an itty bitty one story bank south of  the National City  Bank.  J. Liu formerly known as Jason’s kinda blocks that…   J. Liu’s balcony has got to have a great view of the sunset!

This one’s  a request for Justin… Where’s Columbus best sunrise?

Sunrise?  Sunset?

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