Columbus Arch City

by Maureen McCabe on September 2, 2007

Short North Arch in purpleAt the Gallery Hop in the Short North ‘Arts District’ Saturday night the lights worked.  The lights turned colors, “technicolor.”

My apologies for the picture. I was trying to learn how to use the camera at night.  This is the best of them…

My apologies to the people who asked us if there was a parade.  We did not know there was going to be  a parade.  There was a parade for the new trick the arches in the Short North are doing.  Kinda sorta.  Just after we sent you north on High Street saying “no there’s  no parade, we’re just waiting for the arches to change color and people watching until they do”  the parade came through.  I have photos but they prove nothing, they are just whirling colors under the lit up arches.  You were probably only a couple of blocks north when the parade over took you. 

The seventeen arches of the Short North Arts District behaved beautifully Saturday night from what I could see.

Previously on Columbus Best Blog (the old one which is now Discover Columbus) about the Arches and the Short North:

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including a comment posted by Maureen (me) 
“I did not take a camera.  I am not a photographer.”   

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I’m still no photographer….

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