Where the heck is _____ County, Ohio?

by Maureen McCabe on October 12, 2007

Warning Jargon

I wonder where the heck ______ County, Ohio is?

Date of Request: 10/10/2007

Subject: HOUSE FOR SALE BY OWNER-_____ CO.   

Message: Hello,

My name is _______________ and I live in_____County, Ohio. Our home is listed on ________.com under listing #______________. This home was under contract with a local realtor for 6 months and the realtor did not show it to even one perspective buyer. We realize that the market for_____, (she provided  the name of a town?, village? unincorporated area? It did not ring a bell)  Ohio is not booming, but we also believe that this did not reach the market that we listed it for.  I believe that it needs a broader area, perhaps into Columbus, Dayton etc because many of our newer neighbors have made purchases here for the hunting, lifestyle, and beauty. We are not interested in tying this up again with 1 realtor yet, so we are making the following offer.

If you are a realtor who brings a buyer, and you handle the sale and all formalities, I will pay you a 6% commission. This is a very nice home. You may already have someone you know looking for just such a place. We have been building a smaller home and need to move this one. If you are interested you may send me an email at __________@________  or call the numbers listed on the sellers’ website. We have already reduced this home by a substantial amount, but still have a little wiggle room. All appliances are included and none are more than 7 years old.  The bedrooms are very spacious and the living area is very open.

I look forward to hearing from you if you are interested.


I don’t know where _____ County, Ohio  is.  I was thinking S. E. of Columbus but she wrote Columbus and Dayton so maybe _____ County,  Ohio is S. W. of Columbus?

I am sure _________ County, Ohio is a lovely area.

I wonder how they were marketing it for an area?  Wonder how they were marketing it period?  She certainly does not have a comprehension of the value of the MLS (multiple listing service) or maybe _____ County is so rural they don’t have an MLS?  

Yes I constantly receive inquiries from buyers who want to buy an out of county house with 7 year old appliances.  They always stress the need for 7 year old appliances! I know she meant for me to go to the FSBO (expensive sign) company she is listed with and look at the listing for her house to find out bedrooms,  bathrooms, square footage, price, acreage, amenities. I am sure she has oh so much more there on the FSBO  (expensive sign) company website about the property.  She may even photos have photos of the 7 year old appliances on ______.com! Maybe the FSBO (expensive sign) company even has mapping and I could discover  where the heck _____County, Ohio is.  

Real estate is local.  It’s that lingo thing.  Here in this part of the world “under contract” does not mean listed.  I read and reread her request because it was so funny (it was that  7 year old appliances thing… I kept looking for acreage, square footage, amenities, bedrooms, baths but all I found was 7 year old appliances.)  At first reading I thought her home was “under contract” with a buyer who was a real estate agent  for six months and never closed.  That would be a tragedy.

IF I had a buyer looking for property in _____ County, Ohio, I would refer them to a good agent in _____ County, Ohio. 

She’s with a FSBO (expensive sign) company and willing to pay 6% to a real estate agent.  I know she did not ask my advice but for petes sake list it with a good agent and get it in the local MLS.   They’ll get it “under contract” with a buyer who knows and wants to live in _____ County, Ohio. 

Why didn’t it sell when they were listed before? It was probably over priced for the market … whatever the ___________ County, Ohio market is. 

I can list it in our MLS  if she’d forgo the FSBO (expensive sign) company.    I can funnel all the buyers in Columbus who want to move to _____ County, Ohio to a good local agent.  Heck we might even be able to put _______ County, Ohio on a map.  Or maybe not.



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