The BEST offender site – Ohio’s

by Maureen McCabe on January 11, 2010

Back in 2006 I read accolades somewhere about the BEST sexual offender  (sexual predator) site being  Ohio’s.  I blogged about it on the blog which was then Columbus Best Blog.  The link in that old, old, old site is broke!  Imagine that?  Things change!

A  “N. E. Ohio” real estate agent left a comment on my old, old blog today…  saying that the link was broken and for me to provide him with the correct site?  Well I guess he said “please.”  Imagine that?  They must not have Google in N.E. Ohio?

For the general public… here’s the current link.   Esorn is  Electronic Sexual Offender Registration and Notification

Ohio Esorn site!

New Attorney General since 2006… sites changed I am sure and will continue to change.

Each counties sheriff department maintains a list for the county.   Living and working relatively close to the Franklin / Delaware county line I like this site personally.

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