Ohio will be represented by Edison

by Maureen McCabe on August 28, 2010

Ohio will be represented by Edison …  in Washington D.C.  A statue of  Thomas Edison, will be representing Ohio in a couple of years.

Did you vote?  Ohioans could vote for who to represent Ohio in a hall of statues.  Each state has two representatives.  Ohio native Thomas Edison will join President James Garfield in Washington D.C.  A Civil War era Governor of  Ohio who has been in the hall of statues for many years will return to Ohio.   The statue of the long forgotten Governor who supported slavery… or perhaps it was just that he did not like Abraham Lincoln. The Governor Allen statue is coming home from the National Statuary Hall in the U.S. Capitol.

Did you vote?  For Edison?  My vote was for the Wright Brothers.  Orville and Wilbur Wright are from Dayton Ohio.  Thomas Edison was born in Milan Ohio.   I lived in Dayton for a few years.  I never lived in Milan Ohio… I remember signs for Edison’s birthplace, when I lived in Akron and would drive across the north part of  Ohio

An article titled Wright Brothers shot down Edison statue slated for D.C.   was in the Columbus Dispatch on Friday.   The Columbus Dispatch article with the sad news and clever headline was  written by Alan Johnson.   The Columbus Dispatch says:

“After deciding to depose Allen, state officials opted to open the selection of a replacement to a public vote. More than 48,000 people voted on 10 candidates. From that field, Edison emerged with 14,833 votes (30.4 percent), compared with 13,815 votes (28.2 percent) for the Wright Brothers.”

I use  Thomas Edison’s invention a lot.  Speaking of the light bulb… Thomas Edison invented many things didn’t he?  Thomas Edison makes me think of the light bulb.   I seldom use the Wright Brothers invention and when I do it really is no fun at all.  Check in.  Wait. Take off shoes. Wait.  Lose shampoo to TSA.  Wait.  Board.  Stow bag in the overhead compartment.  Wait.  Taxi around the runaways.  Wait.  Cleared for take off….

There is still something seared in my brain of photos of the Wright Brothers in Huffman Field… on the east side of Dayton.  Trying to get their flying machine off the ground.

A site called  Touring Ohio says of  the Wright Brothers and Huffman Field:

“Huffman Field at the time of the Wright brothers, was a 100-acre farm meadow used for livestock owned by Torrence Huffman. Huffman gave the Wrights access to the field, but had little faith in their flying contraption. “They’re fools,” Torrence told a local farmer. Back in Dayton, the Wrights turned over their bicycle shop to Charlie Taylor to run while they concentrated all their efforts at developing their flying machine. “

Congratulations Edison for the win.  Congratulations to Milan Ohio for sending Edison to Washington D.C. to represent us.  Come on home Governor Allen, we’ll leave the light on for you…

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