Ohio Smoking Ban

by Maureen McCabe on March 21, 2007

No SmokingAccording to Business First of Columbus the
Ohio smoking ban may be enforced as early as the end of April 2007. The big news a clarification that an anonymous complaint can not be the sole basis for a violation…

The law was voted in last November, went into effect on December 6, 2006 but has not been enforced. According to the Business First of Columbus article:

“The department (the Ohio Department of Health) also said private clubs, which are nonprofit organizations with no employees, that are located in freestanding buildings and do not share the space with any other entities, are exempt from the indoor smoking ban. Organizations, such as the Veterans of Foreign War, requested clarification from the state on the no-smoking policy.

“Private club representatives have consistently asked (the Health Department) to fashion rules reflecting the exemption they believed they had under the law passed in November,” Anne R. Harnish, acting director of the department, said in a release. To be exempt from the law, the clubs can’t have members under the age of 18 present while others are smoking. “

The the Ohio Department of Health website has a press release and other info on new law and the timing of enforcement as well:

“Among the changes in the rules filed were: a change that provides some private clubs an exemption to the indoor smoking ban, and a clarification that an anonymous complaint alone cannot form the basis for a violation. Another change points out signs could be posted by means other than affixing to real property such as a sign on a stake in a mulch bed adjacent to an entrance. Also, a definition of smoking device was added to the rules, clarifying that wood-burning ovens are cooking devices and are not regulated under the law. “

Columbus and most Central Ohio suburbs have had smoking bans for over a year now.

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