Ohio Hog Wild!

by Maureen McCabe on October 23, 2007

Chinese New Year PigI heard on the news that ODNR (Ohio Department of Natural Resources) is urging bow hunters (it must be deer season for bow hunting) to kill wild hogs in the state too.  Ohio has a problem with wild hogs

Hunters of all ages need a valid license in Ohio, I believe… and you need permission of the land owner to hunt, of course.

I thought wild hogs were in the deep south… the US south… like Arkansas?  Georgia? Not the midwest, Ohio

“Known in Ohio as “wild boars,” they also are also called free-ranging European wild boar, Russian wild boar, wild pigs, wild hogs, or razorbacks. These “eating machines” damage agricultural crops, degrade wildlife habitat and consume the eggs of ground-nesting birds, as well as, reptiles, amphibians or just about anything else they come across. They also carry diseases that can infect domestic livestock, wildlife and even people.  The rangy-looking non-native members of the domestic swine family are increasing their distribution in Ohio, according to state wildlife biologists. “

Watching the story on the local news I thought they were talking about Central Ohio… The story is from Columbus Ohio (the capital of Ohio) but the article says:

 ”The greatest numbers of hogs are generally reported from southern Ohio counties.”

I guess we still could have some wild hogs in the woods in Central Ohio…. but they are not prevalent here.   I am not going to list the counties because they are not the area I live in or work in and I have been getting emails from FSBO”s about properties all over the state of Ohio… yep that county is in there.  Where the heck is _____ County, Ohio?    To add to their troubles There are wild boars two and a half hours away…

Look at the ODNR story to see what counties have the most wild hogs.

The ODNR site does say they (wild hogs) make good eating as long as you cook them thoroughly.  Not sure if I could eat the meat after reading “They also carry diseases that can infect domestic livestock, wildlife and even people.”

This is the year of the pig in the Chinese calendar, year 4705.  The picture above was used earlier this year to say Happy New Year 4705 Columbus.  Comment spam seems to be attracted to that entry… spam has some hog parts in it I think.

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