Ohio Fall Color

by Maureen McCabe on October 18, 2007

The second update this year Ohio DNR Fall Color Prediction of October 11, 2007 says:

“Ohio’s forests and fields continue to change color this week, with greens turning to yellow, and with rusts and golds appearing in most areas. Peak color is still two weeks away for most of the state – slightly later than originally predicted.”

leavesThere is a video there with Casey Munchel, a fall color expert.
Which trees produce what colors?

If you can’t make it down to Hocking Hills this year at least visit some of the Central Ohio Metro Parks. A fairly recent hike in Blendon Woods was fun. Not much color change yet but I learned a lot about trees on the walk and in the nature center. I have always considered myself pretty knowledgable about trees, I must have Druids in my ancestry but I learned some new things about trees in Ohio… trees like Buckeye trees,  Pin oaks, Red oaks, White oaks, Dogwoods, Sumacs, Ashes, Beeches, Hickory trees, Black walnuts, Cottonwoods, Sycamore trees, Red maples,  Sugar maples, Sweetgums and more….

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