Columbus moving to or fro…

by Maureen McCabe on June 22, 2010

Detroit MI people moving outColumbus moving
in or out… to or fro

There are interactive maps on that shows migration around the US.  Is there a net movement to Columbus or are people moving out of Central Ohio?   Black lines are people moving in.  Red lines are people moving out.  Pictured in the snippet (non interactive image ) here is Wayne County Michigan, Detroit!

If you click on the links below I have already found Delaware and Franklin County and identified them for you.  It will take a few seconds for the Franklin County Ohio and the Delaware County Ohio maps to load

Columbus moving to or fro

Delaware County Ohio -moving to Delaware County  or moving  from Delaware County? *

Franklin County Ohio -  moving to Franklin County or moving from Franklin County?*

The data is from 2008…

*Links to broken.  2008 information is no longer available.  There is more current info (from 2011) on  published in 2012.

If you click on the interactive maps linked above , many Central Ohio residents moving to Florida…  red lines… red lines from Columbus to many bigger cities.  Grad students off to their lives?

There are many black lines from southern Michigan and northern Ohio but then again you see lots of black lines from lots of cities, people moving to Central Ohio.  If you click on a county at the end of a line (red or black)  on the Franklin County Ohio map like lets say “West Chester NY” it will tell you how many people are moved from Franklin County Ohio to West Chester County NY.  The map looks pretty red for Franklin County but when you click on counties you can tell there is both a black line and a red line there.

‘Map: Where Americans Are Moving’  an interactive feature on Forbes.

It is interesting to look at other areas for example Wayne County Michigan (Detroit ) or Cuyahoga County Ohio (Cleveland.)   Forbes has pre-made maps for Manhattan, Chicago, LA, Washington DC,   Detroit and other big cities.  Thanks to Brian Block of Washington DC, he shared the Forbes article written by Jon Bruner and the interactive maps on his blog. Brian was gloating about all the black lines to Washington DC.  Wouldn’t there have been an even bigger influx of people moving in 2009 to the nations capital with a change in administration?

You can pull up a  map for Madison, Union, Licking, Fairfield, etc. counties too.

The maps for Columbus are not Washington DC but they are not Detroit Michigan either….

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