18 Days till the Alpacalypse!

by Maureen McCabe on December 4, 2012


A friend shared that on Pinterest.  “18 Days till the Alpacalypse”   It made my funny board on Pinterest.

At first I did not get it. I thought it said “18 days till the Apocalypse” which is not all that funny. I thought there were a bunch of llamas on the photo that said “18 Days to the Apocalypse” and I wondered why?  The end of the world being December 21 or 22, 2012 is a Mayan calendar thing. I wondered if Llamas were from that part of the world.

Then I realized the photo says Alpacalypse not Apocalypse.

Ohio Alpaca Farmer

an Ohio Llama Farmer

I met an Ohio alpaca* farmer on the streets of Worthington.  Her sweater (which I assumed from the back was a jumper) caught my eye.  We were both at the Fall Festival in Worthington, lots of crafts at booths around us. I’d browsed purses, scarves, hats, jewelery… when her clothing caught my eye.   I said something stupid like “Hey where DID you find that dress?”  When she turned around I could see it was a long sweater vest rather than a jumper.  Duh!

We carried on a conversation.  She did not make the sweater but the yarn came from her alpacas.  She is from Lucasville (southern Ohio) and she raises alpacas.  She has a herd of five now but wants to roughly quadruple that.  She said they raise the alpacas for color.

The photo (just the camera on my phone) does not do the sweater  justice.  There was something about the garment…

Is it a lama or alpaca?

I see animals in southern Delaware County that I think of as llamas. They are not horses, cows or sheep…  The animals have long necks.   A client’s 6 year old once told me he thought what we were looking at in a field might be alpacas.  I wrote this whole piece from memory and the photo up to now… then I went and got her business card out of my purse.  I had to change the word “llama” to “alpaca” where ever I used it  but she raises alpacas.    ​I hope I have caught all the llamas and corrected them to alpacas.*

The Ohio alpaca farmer gave me her business card.  She allowed me to photograph her backside.  Her outfit was great, all color coördinated, the sweater had great details on the front but I wanted a photograph of the back of her sweater.   She is Sheila Jones according to her business card.  21 Nation Alpaca is the name of her business.  She wants to increase her alpaca herd to 21!  She told me that!

21 Nation Alpacas on Doc’s Spring Acres, I found her on the Ohio Alpaca Breeders Association site.  Maybe I should not refer to her as a breeder and not a farmer…  no I like the word “farmer.” 
Ohio Alpaca farmer!
camel at Columbus Commons Holiday Fair 2012
Llamalike things

There was a petting zoo at Columbus Commons for their Holiday Fair last weekend.  Sheep and goats, a zebra, a camel and llamalike things.  Perhaps they were alpacas.  The end of the world as we know it?  18 Days till the Alpacalypse!

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1 shawn woolard December 11, 2012 at 11:55 pm

Oh my! These alpacas are so cute! I haven’t seen one so far in actual sense that’s why I’m so interested in seeing one. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post!

2 Maureen McCabe December 13, 2012 at 06:59 am

Seriously? The link to the spam page about alpacas was removed from the comment.

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