Super sized snake slithered into Columbus

by Maureen McCabe on March 30, 2007


According to newspapers / TV Station websites a big snake slithered into the Columbus Zoo. A huge snake. A super huge snake.

The scoop from Huntington Herald-Dispatch

“OTHER STUFF: Cowtown is packed with stuff to do. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium (614) 645-3550 is always a good call and by Spring Break week will be hosting Kitty, the world’s largest python in captivity.”

the other sites where I initially saw the story said the snake’s name is Fluffy….

Kitty, Fluffy whatever her name is she is big and she goes on display at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium next Saturday. She is on lease from her owner, Bob Clark of Oklahoma…. according to the Columbus Dispatch when Jack Hanna contracted Clark looking for a big snake the conversation went:

Hanna explained: He needed a “big snake” for Asia Quest, the zoo’s newest exhibit.

“Do you want a big snake,” Clark asked, “or a really big snake?”

“I want a really big snake,” Hanna said.

Clark has a really big snake. Her name’s Fluffy.

She’s 15 years old, as thick as a telephone pole and so long you could lay three Greg Odens head to toe next to her and she would still be about 3 feet longer than the 7-foot center for Ohio State.

At approximately 24 feet, Fluffy, a reticulated python, is the longest snake in captivity, Hanna and Clark say.”

Columbus Zoo snake facts…. tells about how snakes move… maybe slither is not how they ambulate. This one arrived via a big truck.

Slim pickings on the snake photos….The snake photo is from Geek Philosopher. Thanks Geek Philosopher! This snake is not a python the label says it’s a gartner snake. I always thought it was a garter snake… I’m not a fan of snakes.

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1 ruthcramer September 17, 2007 at 12:39 pm

saw fluffy and was impressed see if the owner will let her come back from time to time to the zoo she is so pretty and deserves to be seen by alot of people she was great on letterman and i would lilke to see the other snakes the owner has thanks jack and staff

2 MaureenMcCabe September 17, 2007 at 01:58 pm

I have a picture of Fluffy from Labor Day weekend Ruth. You must be a snake lover! I missed her being on Letterman. Thanks for the comment

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