Delaware County Suburbs Wealthiest

by Maureen McCabe on November 8, 2007

The study is by County.  They don’t break it down by the actual suburb., but the Delaware County suburbs of Columbus are 23rd on the list.

No Central Ohio county made the top ten list.. No Ohio county made the top ten list.  Mostly the top ten list is counties that are suburbs of New York City… the  middle Atlantic (Maryland and Virginia), one California county  and one county in Colorado.

America’s wealthiest suburbs: How 100 counties ranked -Table*  from Biz Journal (Columbus Business First. )

Delaware County is the 23rd wealthiest in the US.  Franklin County is on the list in the 78th position out of 100 Counties.

From the table for Number 23 –  Delaware County, Ohio – Metro Columbus 

Wealth index -10.65

Per capita income -$37,928

Households with annual incomes of $200,000 or more - 8.1%

Families living below poverty level - 3.5%

Housing units with 9 or more rooms – 23.8%

Households with 4 or more vehicles – 7.4%

Population - 156,697

From the table for Number 78 –  Franklin County Ohio (part outside Columbus, but considered the Metro Columbus area)

4.32 (Wealth index)

$32,561 (Per capita income )

6.8%  (Households with annual incomes of $200,000 or more)

5.8%(Families living below poverty level)

16.1%  (Housing units with 9 or more rooms)

6.5%( Households with 4 or more vehicles)

377,185 (Population)

Biz Journals said of  the we “The 100 counties on Bizjournals’ master list easily outstrip the national standard of living”

I assume the suburbs would at least include Powell, Lewis Center, Liberty Township, Orange Township, Genoa Township, as well as parts of Dublin and Westerville.

Franklin County Columbus Suburbs

EDIT 2012 The Columbus Business First Link is gone! “The page you requested was not found”   so I broke the link the publication!

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