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by Maureen McCabe on June 10, 2007


Things go better with Coca Cola… Things like reticulated pythons.

The Other Paper has a story about Coca Cola donating ads on their local trucks to promote the celebrity snake visiting at the Columbus Zoo now. The problem is the Coca Cola trucks say the snake is named Kitty. Jack Hanna, the Central Ohio celebrity pictured on the Coca Cola trucks says the snakes name is Fluffy.

In “Zoo ad misidentifies Jack’s snake” Sara Smith of The Other Paper wrote:

“As Coca Cola vehicles circle the city with posters on the back that say, “Don’t miss ‘Kitty’ World’s Largest Snake in Captivity” one is left to wonder if Fluffy’s burgeoning modeling career will ever recover.”

The Other Paper about the name mix up as the Columbus Zoo explains it:

“The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium’s director of marketing and sales, Jeff Glorioso, said the zoo has been fielding phone calls from avid reptile aficionados about the embarrassing blooper.

Kitty is the nickname one of the animal collections people at the zoo gave her,” Glorioso said of the scaly diva on loan to the zoo until November from a private citizen in Oklahoma. “They call her that because of the cat like markings on her skin.”

It seems the snake had an alias before hitting Columbus though. When I wrote about the snake back in April before she showed up, I found an article from A West Virginia that called Fluffy, “Kitty.”

The scoop from Huntington Herald-Dispatch in a entry:

“OTHER STUFF: Cowtown is packed with stuff to do. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium (614) 645-3550 is always a good call and by Spring Break week will be hosting Kitty, the world’s largest python in captivity.”

In “Super Size Snake to Slither into Columbus” I wrote:

“the other sites where I initially saw the story said the snake’s name is Fluffy….

Kitty, Fluffy whatever her name is she is big and she goes on display at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium next Saturday.”

I personally like “Kitty” better than Fluffy as snake names go.

Super Size Snake to Slither into Columbus
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Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

The snake photo is from Geek Philosopher. It is not a python reticulated or otherwise.

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