Columbus 19th Best

by Maureen McCabe on September 21, 2007

Columbus Best Blue RibbonA list on that came out last month said Columbus is the 19th Best City in the US for singles

 #19 Columbus

better than Miami? Orlando? Memphis? Portland? Tampa? (and Cleveland and Cinci… but of course we knew that!)

An article in The Other Paper that said gymnast Paul Hamm (24) is Columbus most eligible bachelor… according to the list on The Other Paper said Hamm is Columbus most eligible bachelor in a sorta snarky way…

I will have to reread it… there are 40 cities ranked in various categories. 

Singles 14
Nightlife 25
Coolness 40
Culture 19
Job Growth 29
Online Dating 7
Cost Of Living Alone 8

Does being number 40 in coolness mean Columbus is the least cool of the 40 cities?  

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