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by Maureen McCabe on March 10, 2008

US MapIn “How’s the economy in your hometown?” in USA Today, the Columbus Metropolitan Area gets a green dot for “Expansion.” The state of Ohio as a whole is  “At Risk” of recession according to the interactive map, so shows up on the US maps as yellow.   The legend on the map shows the green states (and metroplitan areas click on a state and it shows you cities.)

In housing the state was basically flat “Ohio -0.4%” (this is home value) for last year. The article breaks out state economies by tourism, motor vehicle production, exports and agriculture as well as housing. Using motor vehicle production for 2006 Ohio is fourth on the list titled:

“Top 10 states with motor vehicle production as highest percentage of gross state product in 2006″

Neighboring Michigan is of course one of the states shown in red for recession on the interactive map… The USA Today article says the states that were in recession at the beginning of 2008, California, Nevada, Arizona, Florida and Michigan account for 25% of the US total economic output.

Thanks to Allan Young’s Incoherence  for the heads up about the USA Today article.

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1 Allan March 10, 2008 at 02:29 pm


You’re welcome and thanks for the mention. I think that 2008 is going to be tough year for all involved, but never count out the American spirit of entrepreneurship and ingenuity to pull us out soon enough.

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