Winter Weather Awareness Week in Central Ohio

by Maureen McCabe on November 10, 2012

SnowmanWinter Weather Awareness Week  2012

Not only is today*   tomorrow Veteran’s Day… It’s the start of Winter Weather Awareness Week in Ohio.  Winter Weather Awareness Week is November 11-17, 2012.

I saw that this week is Winter Weather Awareness Week on Facebook thanks to Dublin, Ohio.  Assuming it is not just Winter Weather Awareness Week in Dublin but throughout  Ohio. Yes I looked.  Different states do Winter Weather Awareness different weeks, New York had Winter Weather Awareness Week in October.  Good thing!  Some states only do a day of Winter Weather Awareness.

Best Wishes for a Warm Winter

I’m hoping for a winter like last winter… no snow and relatively warm.  I saw a wooly bear in the woods a few weeks ago.  His stripe was broad.  I think.  I should have snapped a photo of him.  A little ways up the path I thought about running back to snap a close-up of him.  It was October and with all the leaves I was probably lucky to see him the first time.  Should I see another wooly bear this fall I will get a photo.

Broad stripe on a Wooly Bear means cold, snowy winter?  Or not?

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*  I hate weather posts back to back. I mistakenly published this  a day early and my site would not let me unpublish it.




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