Wicked Winds

by Maureen McCabe on February 12, 2009

What the…

Of course if you are in Central Ohio you know we had high winds last night.

We lost electricity but only for a few minutes. Our personal measure “the trellis is down.” It went down in the wind storm in September. I was watching a video I took of “the trellis” in September.  It is a big heavy wood trellis which is secured to the ground with “rebar” and two big hairy Clematis vines, one on each side.   The September video of the trellis is  on my phone, the video  too large to forward so it is just stuck on my phone for my personal viewing pleasure.   The trellis got to go down in privacy, in the dark last night.

Do you have a measure in your neighborhood, home or yard of the wickedness of the winds? Electric lines down?  Trees on the neighbors house?

I understand Clintonville or large parts of it don’t have electricty. Parts of the Hard Road area don’t have power….

Here’s an interesting AEP map if you have patience. It loads very slow. Outages -AEP

If you were on Twitter you could have kept up with Central Ohio weather  by searching for  #OHStorms

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