Westside Columbus Casino

by Maureen McCabe on January 18, 2010

“Developer Chooses West Side 4 Casino NBC4 Learned Penn National made a decision …”

The former Delphi  plant. Wonder why the former Delphi plant and not Westland Mall.

It will be announced officially  tomorrow.

Thanks to @marie_gibbons and @LibbyGi their’s was the first Tweet of the news I saw.

North-side neighborhoods -  Polaris area and Continent area home owners will be relieved.  Residents of Genoa Township in Southern Delaware County were vocally opposed to a Casino in the nearby Polaris area.

West-side neighborhoods many residents  welcomed the casino.

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1 Eric January 21, 2010 at 10:09 pm

The west side of Columbus does not want this casino. All the fat-cats in downtown Columbus decided to dump the casino on the west side and they are not listening to the people. Just ask any nearby resident whose home values have just dropped due to the increase in crime that the casino will bring.

2 joan troyer January 23, 2010 at 02:03 pm

I agree with you Eric. I live within about a miles from the site and many other people within viewing distance of the site. I do not want it here. Traffic, sleeze moving in around the area, as proved by the area surrounding the strip in Las Vegas. Open 24 hrs. a day and what will that bring in our neighborhoods. Also we are not ________ as some would indicate. Some Houses on my street are valued up to $170,000 and the next street West of us about $250,000.

3 MaureenMcCabe January 23, 2010 at 03:51 pm

No one called anyone names, until you two showed up, calling people in downtown and people on the Westside names. Or saying that anyone is calling anyone on the West-side any name.

Sorry I got the impression from the local news that many on the West-side welcome the casino.

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