This Weeks Wild Winter Weather…

by Maureen McCabe on February 5, 2011

This weeks wild winter weather in Columbus Ohio was weird but we certainly were not alone…

Why did  we get freezing rain when we were in the 20s?   I saw the answer on COSI’s Facebook Page:

“The reason is the air temperature was warmer than the ground – the rain starts as a liquid (due to warmer air where the rain originated) and then when it hits something cold (like pavement, metal, etc.) it becomes frozen, because the object it is hitting has a temperature that is below freezing. Whereas sleet is liquid that freezes on the way down (air temp is at or around freezing) and snow was never a liquid, but rather a vapor that turned to a solid.”

That winter weather primer is a  quote from  Steve Whitt of COSI.  The COSI Page on Facebook described  Whitt as “one of COSI’s lead educators”

Dear Weather Diary,


Back from the future?  If you are reading this in March, April, May 2011 or beyond… Tuesday,  February 1,  2011 we had an ice storm in Central Ohio as much of the US was hit by a huge winter storm.  Wednesday February 2, 2011 (Groundhogs Day) it turned into snow.

Spring is on it’s way according to Buckeye Chuck, Ohio’s  official weather rodent.   Listening to the TV and radio news though it sounds like we have a few more winter storms before the crocuses bloom and the robins come back…

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