The Blizzard of ’08

by Maureen McCabe on March 9, 2008

I am a snow wimp. I have not always been a snow wimp. I grew up in Wisconsin. I lived in Green Bay (hard core Wisconsin) for a few years. I lived in Akron Ohio for a few years… even Akron gets a lot more snow than Columbus… those darn Great Lakes the dot the eastern Mid-West (sometimes referred to as the Great Lakes States) make a big difference when it snows.

Columbus Ohio seldom gets a lot of snow in comparison to areas near the lakes. Whose snow is this? It is NOT ours.

What do you do on a snowy Saturday in Columbus Ohio when it is a level 2 snow emergency? And the surrounding counties are level 3?


former Columbusite Chris Anderson now in the Dayton area about pets in the snow:

chrisanderson @MaureenMcCabe My in laws’ Yorkie Poo is the same way. He loved the 5″ snow last night but is all business today with 10-12″ on the ground.

Tom Royce in Atlanta who went to school at Denison in Central Ohio:

TomRoyce @MaureenMcCabe I spent a few years in Granville, so I remember central Ohio. Sunbathing in the morning, snow in the afternoon. :)

Carole Cohen in Cleveland (I tried to give back their weather)

Clevecarole @MaureenMcCabe I refuse to take ownership for snow lol. And I live west of the River so not in the snowbelt. Except today we are all in it

Missy Caulk in Ann Arbor MI:

missycaulk @MaureenMcCabe Us too on the snow, who wants to look at houses in the snow? not many and none of our client

My friend Toby in the City of Delaware about us driving to Michigan in the blizzard:

RealtorToby @MaureenMcCabe You don’t want to do that. 23 north of Delaware – at Waldo – will be a disaster. It is bad when we have 1″, what alone 12″


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