Spring in Columbus

by Maureen McCabe on March 20, 2013

It’s Spring everywhere as of 7:02 this morning… 7:02 AM in the Eastern time zone including Columbus. The photos are from a year ago…  late in the winter of 2012 and early spring 2012.

St. Patricks Day 2012 crab apples

I did NOT make it downtown on Sunday for the 2013 Columbus, Ohio St. Patrick’s Day Parade.   These photos taken on  St. Patrick’s Day (March 17)  2012.  The sky was blue.  The trees were blooming. Many people in the 2012 Columbus St. Patrick’s Day parade were wearing shorts and t-shirts.  At the Dublin, Ohio 2013 St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Saturday, March 16, 2013 most people in the parade and those watching from the sidelines were more bundled up this year…   It was coat weather in Dublin, Ohio on  March 10, 2012 but the sky was blue.  Dublin, Ohio is always green for St. Patrick’s Day.

Spring 2012 was freaky weather in Columbus

March 17, 2012 trees flowering

The winter of 2011  to 2012 was mild in Columbus and throughout the country.  The buds and flowers were out early in 2012.

This buds for you Columbus

These are the things to come this spring….  budding trees, flowering trees,  green, green grass, daffodils, tulips, azaleas. These buds on trees and bushes were the week before St. Patrick’s Day (March 17) 2012 in Highbanks Metro Park in southern Delaware County, Ohio.

Before March 17, 2012 trees budding Highbanks

It’s almost Easter time

Easter and Passover are a  week earlier in 2013.  In 2012 on Good Friday (April 6, 2012)  the trees were leafed out on the Worthington Green.  The grass on the Village Green in Worthington was very, very green this time last year.

Worthington Good Friday 2012Spring weather is on its way to Columbus  

Compare these two photos of the same location in Lewis Center!  The top photo is March 2013, the bottom photo with the green, green grass is March 2012:

New England Homes barn 2013

New England Homes “barn” March 2013

New England Homes March 2012

New England Homes “barn” March 2012

There is a time each spring when the grass turns green and the sky is blue and you know it is spring in Columbus.

Groundhogs Day 2013

Six weeks ago Buckeye Chuck and P. Phil both promised an early spring in 2013, Groundhog Day 2013.  They were wrong. Spring did not come early in 2013. Just yesterday Columbus dodged a big  winter storm that hit the east coast, the day before the official start of spring.  It was cold and windy in central Ohio  yesterday, March 19, 2013  but other parts of the US had it so much worse, we can’t complain.  We have a lot to look forward to.   It’s spring in Columbus and will start looking like it soon

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