Snow in Columbus OH.

by Maureen McCabe on January 7, 2013

SnowmanAs a January thaw hits Colubus, Ohio less than a week into the new year a comment on a City of Columbus “services” Facebook  page recently said Columbus could learn something from Cleveland.  The woman leaving the comment  said “Columbus sure could learn from Cleveland on how to keep the streets cleaned.”

Her name is Maureen McSomething so maybe that was what first attracted me to her comment (some would call the comment a rant or something.)   Maureen McSomething started her comment:

First winter in Columbus moved here from Cleveland

Maureen McSomething registered surprise that Columbus does not  plow residential streets. Or does not plow all residential streets. Or does not plow her street.    All I can say is Welcome to Columbus.  Think of snow packed or icy streets as part of the Columbus charm.  I do. I try.  It is easier if  you stay home when it snows… and until it melts.

Maureen McSomething’s comment on Facebook:

“I cannot believe that my residential street is not plowed unless there is 4 inches of snow or more considering the street also has a hill not to mention that there was much more than 4 inches and no truck for 2 days! Then just drove down never dropping the plow when i finally managed to get out onto Broad Street imagine my suprise to see the side streets on the opposite side of me plowed Columbus sure could learn from Cleveland on how to keep the streets cleaned and please dont whine about having more to maintain”

Welcome to Columbus!

Does Columbus whine about having more streets to maintain?  The City?  The residents?

Snow in Columbus OH compared to Cleveland:

Using the local information tab on my HER Realtors website:

Climate near Cleveland, OH 57.7 inches of snow annually

Climate near Columbus, OH 24.5 inches of snow annually

They get way more practice removing snow in Cleveland.

I thought Columbus was doing a pretty good  job this year.  I wonder what I thought of the facts of life in Columbus when I first moved here.  I moved to Columbus from a Dayton, Ohio suburb.  Before that I lived in Akron, Ohio (Akron gets lots more snow than Dayton.) I am from Wisconsin and spent a few winters in Green Bay… I remember people joking the company I worked for did not interview new employees in the winter.  That may have been true.

Climate near Akron, OH 46.3 inches of snow annually
Climate near Dayton, OH 17.5 inches of snow annually

Again this info is from my HER Realtors website.

Snow in Columbus, Ohio suburbs

A partial solution is to move to a suburb of Columbus.  Worthington, Dublin, Powell etc. have much better services for residential streets than Columbus.  It’s more than just not having  less to keep up…. much more.

On New Years Day 2013 Maureen McSomething let the City of Columbus know on Facebook that they could learn something about snow removal, from Cleveland Ohio.

I had to look at Maureen McSomething’s Facebook presence.  Facebook said  “Do you know Maureen? If you know Maureen, send her a friend request or message her.  You can also subscribe to her public posts.”

I don’t know Maureen.  I just saw her comment.  Subscribed.  I subscribed to Maureen McSomething’s public post on Facebook.  The comment on a City of Columbus page  had a certain entertaining quality to it.
Lots of people move to Columbus from Cleveland.  I am sure Maureen McSomething recently from Cleveland is not alone in being dismayed by the difference on the roads.  After living her twenty some years, I think it adds to the charm of Columbus. No maybe it just gives us something to talk about. If you moved here from someplace else did you know Columbus does not necessarily do the best job of keeping the cities residential streets snow and ice-free before you moved?
The nice thing is eventually the snow in Columbus OH melts.
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