Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit… July 1, 2012

by Maureen McCabe on July 1, 2012

“Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit” just because it is good luck to say that the first thing each month. It’s a superstition.

I hoped I had pre-written a July 1, 2012 post saying “Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit” last night.  I often pre-write Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit posts but I was pretty sure unless I wrote it in April I had not.  I tried sending a “Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit” post from my “smart” phone  to ColumbusBestBlog.com , no luck. I should have gone in search of wi-fi.

So about 1:00 p.m. was about the best I could do with challenges with the heat and the remains of the storm which for me means no electric and  no internet. My mobile phone service sucks but it was that way before the storm.

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