Now Playing:The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore

by Maureen McCabe on May 28, 2011

That is not Central Ohio’s Memorial Day weather forecast.  It’s just a song.   We get sunshine this weekend.  Don’t we? Lots to do in Central Ohio this Memorial Day weekend…

Do you know the song?  “The Walker Brothers – The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore”

Today’s Nablopomo prompt is about the last song you heard.  Or that’s how I remembered it when I remembered it.   I read that prompt very, very early this morning when I could NOT sleep.  I looked it up on the Nablopomo site on my phone…  some mornings (Monday’s come to mind) the Nablopomo prompts are not up very early.   When I read today’s prompt very early this morning… I could not remember what the last song I’d heard was. I know I thought about it.  Probably some jingle on TV.  If those count.  I fell back asleep after reading the prompt.

The point of Nablopomo (National Blog Posting Month) is to write a post each day in the month.   The Nablopomo site says:

Post something every day for a month. That’s all you have to do.

Checking the site, the prompt for today was not exactly what was the last song you heard… it was

“What was the last song you listened to?”

Heard happens.  Listening is an act…. I remembered “song heard” when I remembered. 

I was driving through beautiful downtown Powell this morning trying to remember what the Nablopomo prompt for today was…I remembered getting onto the Nablopomo site this morning but I could not remember the prompt… I was trying to remember what the prompt was when I saw someone I know sitting outside the Easy Street II Cafe.  I tried waving to her and I think the man she was sitting with saw me waving and taking a photo of them but I could not catch her eye.  I was already past them at the stop light so I did not want to toot my horn.  I am just not a big “horn tooter”  unless necessary like a dump truck backing right at me…

Minutes ago I was looking at that photo of the two of them sitting on the street in Powell.  I remembered that I’d been wracking my brain for today’s Nablopomo prompt when I saw her.   I remembered then what the prompt was. Kinda.  On (my addiction, don’t tell anyone) at the moment I remembered the prompt was about a song  was the Walker Brothers  ‘The Sun Ain’t  Gonna Shine Anymore.’ A song I recognize but I don’t know I could have told you the title.  Due to the wonders of the internet I can tell you without equivocation the last song I heard was

“Now Playing : The Walker Brothers – The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore”

Have a great  Memorial Day Weekend, rain or shine…  you do remember the sun, don’t you?  It’s peaked out occasionally this spring.  You’ll know it when you see it.

I never published this Friday…  boo hiss…

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