New Albany is Missing!

by Maureen McCabe on December 3, 2012

New England Homes at Ackerly Park, New Albany

Breaking news New Albany, Ohio is missing.  “Be on the lookout” for the missing city.

New Albany is missing….

BOLO New Albany, Ohio

A description? Dressed mostly in dark brick and Georgian styling with white fences.  Age?  Historically the village  was older but the majority of New Albany residences are about 20 years at the oldest.  I think the first BIA Parade of Homes in New Albany was in 1992.  The New Albany houses can pass for years older though. The New Albany homes  have classic good looks.  New Albany looks like Richmond, Virginia.  That was the plan.

In an article about the Coldwell Banker report ranking of US cities average home prices (list price) says from most expensive to least expensive central Ohio cities rank:

1. Upper Arlington
2. Bexley
4. Dublin
5. Powell
6. Galena
7. Lewis Center

New Albany is missing.  Where is New Albany on the Coldwell Banker list of least affordable Ohio housing markets? Or maybe I should call it the most expensive rather than least affordable.  The point is New Albany is missing from the list of  pricey housing markets.

I am not going to link to the CB list, you are going to have to take my word on it. Well my word and Brian R. Ball’s…  Brian Ball is the journalist with Columbus Business First who wrote:

“Central Ohio has six of the 10 least affordable housing markets in the state as determined by a Coldwell Banker analysis of sales of four-bedroom homes with two bathrooms in nearly 2,500 U.S. markets.”

I threw in Lewis Center.  I mean Lewis Center is the 7th central Ohio city on the Coldwell Banker list as the most expensive housing market. I did NOT make that up.  Lewis Center does  not end up being in the top ten least affordable housing markets in the state of Ohio or get into the headline on Columbus Business First.

The November article published last week titled ‘Upper Arlington, Bexley, Dublin ranked as Ohio’s most expensive housing markets.’   I will give you the link to the Columbus Business First article where  Upper Arlington housing ranked as most expensive   which has a link to the list.  Which has a link to search homes…  on Coldwell Banker.

; – (

Before you go here are homes for sale by list price range in New Albany* on my HER Realtors site….  I am a real estate agent with HER Realtors, you know.

The search on my site was showing 12 homes only*.   I changed the  HER Realtors search to a zip code search for single family homes in the 43054 zip code rather than a search of City of New Albany.  There were New Albany Homes missing.   There are a lot  more houses, priced “Hi to Lo” showing in the search NOW.

The home pictured here is NOT for sale.  That is a photos of the New England Homes entry  at the 2010 BIA Parade of Homes at Ackerly Park in New Albany.

Affordable central Ohio home prices

The Coldwell Banker list says the average price of a Columbus home is $177,599.  The most affordable central Ohio suburb is Reynoldsburg…with an average price of $156,433.  Worthington, Westerville, Hilliard, etc.  fall between the most affordable in the  Columbus area and Lewis Center, Galena, Powell, Dublin, Bexley and Upper Arlington on the 2012 Coldwell Banker real estate list released last week without New Albany.

Ball refers to Coldwell Banker’s list as an “apples to apples comparison.” The homes on the list are “average”  list prices…the prices for a home in Upper Arlington, Bexley, Dublin, Powell etc. are  not sale prices.  I forgot that.  I was with Coldwell Banker long ago.  The 2012  list is 2500 markets nationally.  The point of the Coldwell Banker list is to compare your area with areas far away.  You  get transferred to Topeka, Kansas or Tulsa, Oklahoma or Tampa, Florida.  You want to know how does the Tulsa home market compare with what you have in New Albany or Columbus, or Lewis Center….

Is New Albany too small to make the Coldwell Banker list?

Maybe New Albany seceded?  New Albany is missing.

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