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by Maureen McCabe on May 14, 2008

OhioOn April 22, 2008 I posted Ohio on the cutting edge…  here about Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann in the limelight… nationally for fighting foreclosures on the home front…

Marc Dann had a “plan.”  

A mere three days later Ben Espy’s report about shenanigans in the Ohio AG’s office came out? Trouble in the AG’s office…  No one in Ohio can miss Marc Dann being in the spotlight now.   The Democratic party (his own) wants to impeach Dann because he will not step down. 

I am not very political…

Jill Miller Zimon is.

Jill Miller Zimon  of Cleveland Ohio who writes ‘Writes Like She Talks’ wrote about “Scurrying Signals Canton Rethoughtful Editorial on Embattled Ohio AG Marc Dann”

“Although this morning’s Canton Repository editorial doesn’t say anything about the sexism, its tenor captures the scurrying of signals that Marc Dann’s neural pathways must be trying to manage right now. With great emphasis on how the desperation is a result of his own actions.”

The Canton Repository article is entitled “Lawyer in Dann finally prevails.”  Dann  is going to step down?  Avoid impeachment?

Someone tell me that someone in Dann’s office is still paying attention to “the plan.”   That someone is working “the Plan.”

The plan? The US News & World Report’s article was Luke  Mullin’s interview of Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann, who orchestrated “the plan.”  “The plan” is  How Ohio is Tackling the Foreclosure Crisis.  Ohio is using lawyers to fight foreclosures in Ohio.  Or was.  Someone tell me the “embattled” (as Jill Miller Zimon rightfully refers to Dann) Attorney General has staff who are not busy with impeachment, packing up shop and politics and are still working  “the plan.”  

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1 Jill May 14, 2008 at 08:02 am

Yesterday, someone (a newspaper but I forget which one) did note something about how lawyers in the AG’s office are talking defection. However, as a lawyer who knows many lawyers, I am confident that of the 1400 or so at the AG’s office, the foreclosure tackling can and will continue. The folks being mentioned as appointments have the same tenacity and ability if not more to get the same work done, while setting a better work environment tone.

2 Maureen McCabe May 14, 2008 at 09:31 am

Thanks for the reassurance Jill. I will sleep better at night once I see evidence of “the Plan” in action for Ohioans facing foreclosure.

I have to admit I wanted it to stay as is…I wanted the state to take the attitude of “if his wife can forgive him, can’t we?” I wanted to believe the “hostile work environment” was not true, that he did not know about Guitterez (spelling?) …

I am an ostrich.

I should pay more attention. I saw your Tweet this AM and had to revisit ‘the Plan.” I remember on April 22, thinking and saying “hopefully the news that comes out about the Guitterez mess” from the investigation will be OK.

3 Jill May 14, 2008 at 12:50 pm

Oh, Maureen – do not chastise yourself. Who doesn’t want to believe that it’s a crazy dream that it’s all being trumped up and planted on him and so on. Seriously. I voted for him, I even donated to his campaign in literally the 11th hour – the night before the election – because I didn’t want Betty Montgomery office-hopping again.

But really – I don’t know that anyone had the kind of info that could ever have warned us at the voter level. Yes, many of us questioned a number of things about Marc – I wrote about how he always talked up how connected he would be able to be with the legislature because of having been in the senate and so on. But that rubbed me the wrong way. And there were other things. And I voted for Subodh Chandra in the primary and was unhappy about the ODP’s pre-primary stuff.

But seriously – if a person can’t feel the pain that this situation is inflicting all over the place, because Marc is delaying the pain he ultimately has inflicted on himself, then a person isn’t human. It is just awful – I can’t describe – can you even imagine what it must be to be him right now?

That’s why no glad dances from me, but I do believe, honestly, that there are people Strickland can put in who will continue what needs to be done. There’ll be a lapse but I can’t see how it could be much worse under someone else.

4 Maureen McCabe May 15, 2008 at 06:29 am

Thanks for the comment.

Looks like Marc Dann is moving on.

Hopefully Ohio can move on… and work on keeping people in their homes using “the plan.”

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