by Maureen McCabe on June 7, 2008

How is your memory? Mine plays tricks on me. I remember watching a news show very early on a Sunday morning and they mentioned a local channel was on Twitter.  Problem is I remember it as Andrea Cambern and she said Channel 4 was on Twitter.  Problem is Andrea Cambern is on Channel 10.


I am lucky I only watch local TV. I’d be befuddled by cable or all these new fangled direct TV thingies with all kinds of channels to worry about.


Previously on Columbus’ “evil biased media” is blogging


I am not calling Columbus Ohio’s media evil or biased… I am just quoting someone in the media… about his… Ryan Squire of channel 4′s perception of what people? or maybe some people think about media. I think if I was going to call media evil and biased I would have used a comma. I believe I would have written evil, biased… and probably a ? after to make it vague and non accusatory… but then again this whole grammar, spelling and punctuation thing makes me real nervous.


That sappy Barbara Streisand song is playing in my brain… I’d quote some lyrics but I’d hate for you to be plagued with misty water colored memories…

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