Manly, yes but I like it too

by Maureen McCabe on March 8, 2009

I like Columbus Ohio even if it is “manly.”

I am still laughing over Columbus being one of the top 10 manliest cities in the country.  I found an Irish Spring commercial with that phrase in it…

Not that Columbus does not seem as manly as the next city.

We went to the Gallery Hop last night.  We used to go a lot.  Have not gone in at least 15 months or so… but the weather Saturday was so great.  They were waiting in line for Jeni’s Ice Cream last night in the Short  North.  I had said we might see some people who were in town for the Arnold Classic last night… maybe we did.  They did not look like the contestants if they were there.  It was crowded but it did not seem as if it was because the people on the street had big shoulders or bulging biceps…

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