February 2010 – freaky weather

by Maureen McCabe on March 2, 2010

February 2010 -  If you live in Central Ohio unless you live under a rock you know we broke a record for snow in February 2010.

We made a snowman February 27, 2010, three adults and two kids.  Each adult made a ball.  I made the head.  I thought I was making the middle but I was rolling, rolling and I got real far away… actually it is not that far away.  I rolled my snowball into the backyard.  I started coming around the side and then was concerned that it would all fall apart if I rolled it across the driveway so I went back the way I had come, rolling the snowball in the fresh snow.

Ooops by the time I got back the second ball was the body and my snow ball had to be the head.

We lopped off a lot of my hard work so he would not look too top heavy… making his head look about as big as his body.

It’s been years since we’ve built a snowman.

If you are from outside Central Ohio… we seldom have this much snow…   February 2010 was freaky.

From the National Weather Forecast Service at Wilmington Ohio.  This winter  (through February 28, 2010 ) is only the fourth snowiest winter on record for Columbus but February 2010 was the snowiest February, beating out 1910.

1. 30.1″ … 2010
2. 29.2″ … 1910
3. 24.4″ … 2003
4. 19.6″ … 1914
5. 16.4″ … 1979 “

With 49.9 inches the 2009 -2010 winter is in 4th place as the snowiest winter according to National Weather Forecast records… and lets hope the two years tied for 2nd hold their record with 54.1 inches each…  No March storms.  Please… no March storms…  Let’s leave this year in 4th place.

“  2. 54.1″ … 1977-1978, 1995-1996″

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