Do you believe in Buckeye Chuck?

by Maureen McCabe on February 2, 2011

decorative groundhogs on a mantle

Groundhog Day Decor

Do you believe in Groundhogs Day?

Do you believe Buckeye Chuck, the official groundhog of Ohio can tell us the future?  At least the next six weeks…. at least  the weather….

Can a rodent forecast weather?

In the midst of icy rain and high winds  Buckeye Chuck in Marion,  did not see his shadow…

According to folklore if the groundhog sees his shadow, he runs back into his burrow and we get six more weeks of winter.  If he does not see his shadow and go scurrying back into his den, we get an early spring.    I used to think it should be the other way around.  I thought if he saw sun he should stay out and enjoy it.  I missed the part about his shadow scaring him and him running back into his burrow because of that.

Believe Groundhogs Day decor


Sunshine can be hard to come by in Central Ohio so I am always amazed by Buckeye Chuck seeing his shadow and forecasting another six weeks of winter.   I believe Buckeye Chuck has a better record than the muchbetter known PA Groundhog named Phil.  Punxatawny? (My spell check wants me to go with Mulligatawny Phil.)  I love Mulligatawny soup.   Never had it made with groundhog though…  wonder if groundhog tastes like chicken?

On my other two sites,  Worthington Old and News and Discover Columbus Ohio I have a post about the Groundhogs Day 2011 predictions.  Weather is local and so are those two real estate websites, which are showing  in the sidebar here now.  They may be down today though so in case of emergency they are on Facebook too.  The Columbus site is delayed.  Worthington shows up a lot quicker.    Discover Columbus Ohio on Facebook and   Worthington News on Facebook (Worthington Old and News shortened) it’s a long story.

Groundhogs Day decor

Groundhogs Day mantle

The long and short of it….   I am using my favorite Groundhogs Day Real Living eCard  (the Pepto Bismal pink striped card is the only Real Living HER Groundhogs Day card…)  on Discover Columbus Ohio and Worthington Old and News.  I don’t know if the NEW Real Living (based in Chicago) has a Groundhogs Day eCard. If so I have not found it yet.   Lots of changes.  My favorite Groundhogs Day card was from when Real Living was based in Columbus…  and we gloried in using red and orange together in marketing materials…   no orange on the Groundhogs Day card,  red and pink stripes with a groundhog head.  Remembering  the good old days. You know  2010, 2009.

Stay warm.  Stay safe Central Ohio.. we will be outside in the spring soon.  Buckeye Chuck says so.

The images are from _G2′s Flickr photostream.  _G2  who has the largest collection of Groundhogs Day decor I have ever seen.  Perhaps because I have never seen Groundhogs Day decor before.

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