Did Ohio fall off the map

by Maureen McCabe on July 16, 2008

The August 2008 Money Magazine Best Places to Live list is out.  Not one Ohio city is on the Money Magazine 2008 list of top 100 cities in the country…

NO Columbus suburbs

NO Cleveland or Cinci suburbs either, no little Ohio cities…

Last year Westerville and Gahanna made this list… if I am not mistaken.

Who made the list this year?  Here are the top 10 according to Money Magazine:

1. Plymouth, MN
2. Fort Collins, CO
3. Naperville, IL
4. Irvine, CA
5. Franklin Township, NJ
6. Norman, OK
7. Round Rock, TX
8. Columbia/Ellicott City, MD
9. Overland Park, KS
10. Fishers, IN

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1 Karen Moorhead July 17, 2008 at 11:14 am

Isn’t it funny how many lists are out there and people continue to buy magazines with them … therefore they should be covered by us in our blogs. I agree its a good thing. People like to see who the winners are.

2 Maureen McCabe July 17, 2008 at 12:49 pm

Ann Arbor is in the top 100 on this list isn’t it? Here I saw a comment from you and thought you were here to gloat.

Or am I thinking of another list of cities with Ann Arbor on it?

I can’t believe Powell, Worthington, Dublin, etc. have not made this list (maybe they did before I started paying attention. I believe this is the list that Columbus made about 2-3 years ago. The last year they did big cities… although they were all little big cities… except NYC? Or maybe that is another list… or maybe there was a category just for bigger cities. And maybe there is still this year. I just looked at this hurriedly and went off in a huff.

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