Contagion in Columbus

by Maureen McCabe on September 12, 2011

Nothing spreads like the common cold*…

I wonder if it is cold and flu season in Central Ohio. There was a lot of coughing going on in church Sunday morning. School started a couple of weeks ago.

At church the boy next to me had a cough. He would swing his arm up each time he coughed, but he did not have the part about coughing into his elbow, perfected. There would just be a lot of coughing and arm flailing. His father would look over across the rest of the family each time he’d cough. He was angry or impatient with the school age boy for coughing? or for not getting the elbow thing correct? He made his son move over on the other side of the family for most of the service.

Or maybe rag weed was just really bad on Sunday. Maybe it was just allergies. Could September 9th or 10th or 11th been the beginning of the cold season in Columbus? There was a lot of coughing and a lot of babies crying at church yesterday.  Maybe the babies caught colds from older brothers and sisters and were cranky about it. Or maybe they could not hear the sermon for all of the coughing.

I believe the poster for the movie, “Contagion” says “Nothing spreads like fear.*”    Seen the movie yet?  Make you want to start carrying hand sanitizer?

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