Columbus Weather: Winter Storms

by Maureen McCabe on November 9, 2012

Snowman Columbus weather…  I totally missed that The Weather Channel wants to name winter storms.  I do not watch cable TV, regularly. I guess it is more than The Weather Channel wanting  to name winter storms… The Weather Channel is now naming winter storms.

The winter storm names will be alphabetical like hurricane names.  2012 winter storms will mostly be named Greek names … well except a few like Q.    Greek as in Greek tragedy?  Remember the Blizzard of  ’08 in Columbus?  A March storm, wonder what it would be named if they were naming winter storms back then.  Something that started with Z?  Or would The Weather Channel have been back up in the beginning of the alphabet by the winter of  2007 – 2008?

Next Up… Winter Storm Brutus

I read about The Weather Channel naming winter storms on Facebook.  Columbus, Ohio meteorologist Chris Bradley was asking on Facebook yesterday if people thought winter storms should be named.  I missed that the storm that hit friends in CT., NY and elsewhere on the east coast was “Athena.”   Brutus  is the next winter storm according to The Weather Channel. The winter storm that The Weather Channel is naming Brutus will not even hit Columbus.   Brutus is Greek?

I remember reading, hearing “Why aren’t winter storms named?” about the time that Sandy hit the east coast.  Whether I heard it or read “why aren’t winter storms named”  online I can not say.  If there was news of #Athena on Twitter, I missed it.

2012 Hurricane Names, Columbus is not Hurricane Country  usually

Hurricane Ike Aftermath – 2008

Winter Storms Hype

The National Weather Service names hurricanes.  I understand they have instructed weather forecasters NOT to use The Weather Channels names to identify winter storms. You won’t hear Jym Gahnal, Chris Bradley etc. using The Weather Channels names on Columbus TV? I read NBC is related to The Weather Channel.  They are second cousins once removed to or something like that.

Is naming winter storms just TV station and social media hype or is it a good idea? We’ll know in the future. I know people in central Ohio will pay attention to the storm named Brutus no matter where that winter storm hits.  It’s in their nature to react to the word “Brutus.”  Maybe I will watch to see if I see #Brutus on Twitter.

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