Columbus Weather Forecast: June 2013

by Maureen McCabe on June 12, 2013

Area of Refuge sign City Hop Columbus 2011Columbus, Ohio  Weather Forecast for June, 12 2013 and into June 13, 2013.

There is bad weather in the forecast in Columbus for the next 24 hours?  Tuesday evening someone told me we could have hail today.  Watching the Channel 10 weather forecast on the news last night, there is a possibility of winds up to 70 miles per hour tonight? Tornadoes?  A derecho?

This morning on Facebook Chris Bradley, Channel 10 meteorologist said:

Central Ohio remains under a Moderate Risk for severe weather today. Damaging winds and tornadoes are the main threats.”

Hmmm the forecast last night sounded more dire.

Listening last night I thought June 12, 2013 might be a big day for buying a generator in central Ohio.  Other things to do to prepare for the storm? Batten down the hatches… secure outdoor furniture.  Download the Channel 10 weather app?  I almost downloaded the app last night watching Chris Bradley’s weather report.

It is not as warm as it was last year.  The storm in 2012 was the second worst storm to ever hit central Ohio.

June 29, 2012 Columbus Summer Storm

Last year a derecho hit Columbus on June 29 2012. The summer storm in 2012 affected a wide area, 11 states?   I had never heard of a derecho before the June 2012 storm.  I believe I heard the word “derecho” for the first time  after the storm on June 29.   We had power after the derecho came through and then lost it on Saturday.  Then  we got power back and then lost it…  Many people went days without power for days in June 2012.   I think there were people in central Ohio who went a week or ten days without electricity after the June 29, 2012 storm.

Want to read about the 2012 derecho hitting central Ohio?  Visit Nib of Thought a blog written by Dennis M. Chua. Chua and his family had just moved to central Ohio a short time before the Columbus June 2012 derecho.    In his post ‘Violent Summer Storm Hits Columbus Ohio’ on ‘Nib of Thought’  Chua’s photos show lots of damage in north east Franklin County.  Chua’s photos  including “Entryway to The Estates at New Albany Apartments”  and “North Hamilton Road – scene of the calamity” and “Storm toppled poles block North Hamilton Rd.”  Those photos and others show how bad some parts of central Ohio were hit.

Chua’s post also has a link to the page of  derecho facts.  Good info.

I have a picture of the rain in Delaware County.   One photo…

June 29, 2012 the storm hits Lewis Center area


The top image is in a Downtown Columbus residence, the area of refuge, the storm cellar of this century.

Columbus Weather: Hurricane Season 2013



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