Upper Arlington Modern Art

by Maureen McCabe on June 16, 2010

What type of home do you think of when you think of Upper Arlington?   Captivating colonials?   Cute capes?   Gracious Georgians?   Oh dear  I am stumped… Looking for a a good adjective starting with a  “T ” to describe Tudors… nope “traditional”  won’t work here…   I need another  “T” word… Tempting Tudors?  Tantalyzing Tudors?

Upper Arlington Modern Art

Wall Street Journal -  Upper Arlington home – Ohio Modern The slideshow on the Wall Street Journal has interior photos of  the Upper Arlington home.

The home was originally built in the 1950s.  It is art.

Upper Arlington home styles

Traditional styles of homes are what I usually think of when I think  of Upper Arlington.  There are some great contemporaries in Upper Arlington.  A modern Upper Arlington home listed by an agent /  team in the Real Living HER Arlington office is on the Wall Street Journal this week, along with the  homeowner’s story.

Columbus School of Art and Design is the name of the photo by simplyliving.  Yes the ART art  is in downtown Columbus not Upper Arlington.  Don’t be confused, it’s all Columbus.

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