Columbus, Ohio’s “Katrina”

by Maureen McCabe on March 26, 2013

Ohio’s “Katrina” c. 1913 

Until recently  I would have guessed the 1965 Easter Sunday tornadoes in Xenia, Ohio were the biggest weather event in Ohio. Maybe because it was more recent.    Ohio’s 1913 flood was bigger.



100 years ago: ‘March 23 to March 27, 1913:  Ohio’s statewide flood was  “Ohio’s greatest weather disaster,”  the 1913 flood.


Television coverage of the Hilltop observance of the 100 year anniversary of the worst weather in Ohio.   Columbus Ohio News, Weather , the 2013 video on Channel 4 News about the 1913 flood features members from the Hilltop Historical Society and photos of the 1913 flood.

There is a Hilltop Historical Society group on Facebook with photos of the March 24, 2013 event.

Newspaper coverage

In the Sunday, Columbus Dispatch published March 24, 2013, the  article titled ‘FLOOD OF THE CENTURY says:

“Sarah Jamison, a National Weather Service flood expert in Cleveland, describes the flood as an early 20th-century version of better-known, more-recent weather disasters.”    

The Columbus Dispatch article written by Randy Ludlow goes on to quote Jamison:

“If you think about the scale of this event, it was a (Hurricane) Katrina or a (super-storm)  Sandy.”

The Ohio Flood of 1913 was Ohio’s Katrina.

The Columbus Dispatch article 100 years later was the front page of Section B.  the same day the event commemorating the event was held out near the new Hollywood Casino on Columbus west-side.  I had to work so could not attend the event in the Hilltop observing the 100 year anniversary of the 1913 Flood.  The Columbus Dispatch article refers to the Columbus Evening Dispatch providing information in 1913.

The original site called ‘Columbus Best Blog’ (it is still up but it is not this site) started during Hurricane Katrina and the devastating floods  in Louisiana in  2005.  The first posts say nothing about Katrina. I was setting up a site to keep from watching the news on TV or online about  what was happening on the US gulf coast.


Columbus weather

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