Columbus gets an F

by Maureen McCabe on May 1, 2007

Columbus w/ white border
Sometimes I wish I’d named my blog something other than Columbus Best Blog. This is not the best of news. Columbus got an F in air quality according to the American Lung Association… or Franklin County got an F any way.

I heard it on the radio. I must have been listening to something national because they said L.A. is the worst in the nation, no surprise there. Pittsburgh is number two. Then they said Cleveland, Indianapolis and Cinci all were dismal failures when it comes to air quality. I heard no mention of Columbus.

I got on the computer thinking we must have a good report card here.

State of the Air

Delaware County got a D. Franklin County got an F.

High Ozone Days- in Ohio by County:

FRANKLIN County – Grade – F – Weighted Avg. 6.0, Orange Days – 13, Red Days – 2, Purple Days
DELAWARE County – Grade – D Weighted Avg. 2.2, Orange Days – 5, Red Days 1, Purpled Days – 0

Nearby counties… Licking County got a C, Madison County got a D, Knox is there… where are Fairfield, Morrow, and Union?

Compare to L.A’s high ozone days:

LA County – Grade F – Weighted Avg. 80.8, Orange Days – 158, Red Days – 35, Purple Days- 16

The American Lung Association is not grading on much of a curve though are they? I heard on the radio that Salinas was the only California city that had a decent grade… is a C decent? I don’t know many places by county.

There is another measure…in the study, Particle Pollution, Franklin County gets an F on that chart too.

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