Columbus Dispatch Subscriber?

by Maureen McCabe on October 23, 2012

Are you a Columbus Dispatch subscriber? Or do you subscribe to Columbus Business First? I am NOT picking on the Columbus Dispatch here.  Or the Columbus Business First…

This month I am a “frequent visitor to!”

Just asking do you subscribe to Columbus Newspapers Online now that are behind a pay wall? Or do you get your Columbus news online elsewhere?    A poll.  The poll is just about the Columbus Dispatch subscription options.

I have access to the home sale info from the Columbus Board of REALTORS, I am a member. I do like to look at how the real estate information provided by the Columbus Board of REALTORS is translated by the Columbus Dispatch and Columbus Business First.   Also information the newspapers (or their digital versions) provide from  OAR (the Ohio Association of REALTORS ®  and National real estate information  released by NAR. I like to see what the local press takes from the information and how they slant the information for their readers. Or unslant the real estate information .

“Home sales continue hot streak in Columbus, across Ohio”

is a recent headline on the bizjournals Columbus Business First article by Evan Weese, Web coordinator

Do you subscribe?

“Rising home values benefit all homeowners in Central Ohio, but especially those who have been in a negative equity position,” Columbus Board of Realtors …”


The BEST schools in Columbus

Information about the Ohio Department of Education releasing preliminary report cards for central Ohio schools made me a frequent user of the Columbus Dispatch this month. The preliminary report card info released by the Ohio Department of Education on October 17, 2012. I read about the prelimary report cards for Ohio schools first on the bizjournals site. On the 18th I went to the Columbus Dispatch site. The Columbus Dispatch cut me off on October 18, 2012.  I went over the limit of 10 free premium articles this month. I am thinking of subscribing to the Columbus Dispatch.   I might subscribe to the Columbus Dispatch at least for this month.  There is so much info about the recent, preliminary school report cards on the Columbus Dispatch site.  I love the Columbus Dispatch “Online Database.” Really love it.

I downloaded the data  from the Ohio Department of Education on the spreadsheet.  A spreadsheet with info for every school in the state of Ohio  is kind of unwieldy.

Columbus Dispatch subscription

I don’t understand the $2 -$5 in this:

“Thanks for being a frequent visitor to! You’ve now viewed your monthly quota of 10 free premium articles. Want to read more? Become a Digital D Subscriber and enjoy unlimited access to award-winning content that can’t be found anywhere else. Simply upgrade your existing print subscription for $2-5 per month, or become a new Digital D subscriber.”

Are existing home delivery subscribers paying various amounts? Or is the $5 difference in the Saturday – Sunday delivery and Digital D. Is there still a Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday home delivery of the Columbus Dispatch. It looks like only a $1 difference between the home delivery and Digital D…

Decisions, decisions… should I subscribe

I looked at  individual schools on the preliminary report card data.   There is a lot of info to scroll though, all schools in Ohio on that huge spread sheet.   The data on the Columbus Dispatch is so convenient. Did I mention I love the Columbus Dispatch “Online Database” of the preliminary report cards?

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