Columbus BEST City For Working Mothers, 2012

by Maureen McCabe on October 18, 2012

Columbus Ohio home

Columbus, Ohio tops the list of  ‘Best Cities For Working Mothers, 2012′  on Forbes.  It’s real recent.  You may have already read that Columbus is the best city for working mothers in 2012.   Columbus is not just on the list.  Columbus is number one on the recent Forbes list.

What makes a city a good city for working mothers?  Scanning the article it seems the criteria includes:

  • Jobs
  • Affordable childcare
  • Cost of living
  • Commute (or lack of commute*)
  • Earnings potential
  • Safety

Lack of commute to work, works in Columbus favor,  as the Forbes article* says

” mothers in Columbus have an average commute of just 25 minutes each way.”

The article by Meghan Casserly of the Forbes staff ends with “And what metrics can we add or change to better reflect what’s “best” for working moms?”

I used to get real excited when I saw Columbus on a Forbes list.   I wonder if I can find any of those old posts…

Columbus moving to or from…

Columbus Best Place to Grow Old

“One of America’s Best Places To Raise A Family” Delaware County made this Forbes list.

Columbus Tops Top 10 Tech Cities

I did.  I found posts on where Columbus, Ohio made the list.  Or part of central Ohio, Delaware County, Ohio in the one case, families.

Other recent press for Columbus?  These are not   There was an article about Columbus in the New York Times in September.  Columbus in the national news recently inspired the post on,  Columbus, Ohio is it Time?


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