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by Maureen McCabe on January 16, 2007

Suburban home in snow with a postcard edge

I had a weather category on my original Columbus Best Blog….that blogs is now called Discover Columbus actually the category is called Time and Temperature and it was inspired by a church on N. High Street … with a big clock and temperature display in front…. A time and temparature ministry.  The category was not a big generator of comments or traffic… I wonder if I really even want that category here on my new blog. I invited a few guests over thanks to the monthly blog tour on Active Rain… organized by Maureen Francis from Michigan… In fact they could be here at any moment.

Today is Central Ohio’s first real brrr… cold weather in 2007… I am not sure that we’ve had a day this cold yet this year. We have not had snow… if it had been cold yesterday with all that rain… we’d have snowmen on front lawns.  Michigan got hit with ice yesterday or Sunday? and of course much of the midwest had a bad storm.  I am waiting for my friend Brynn in Oklahoma to check in with me via email. 

Don Fabrizio-Garcia a REALTOR® in Connecticut blames their NW(?) Connecticut weather on the Ohio River Valley… Our winter weather comes from west of us somewhere usually… or northwest… those Alberta Clippers…but it is amazing how many times Central Ohio lucks out on weather… dodges the storms, send it  on to Connecticut to deal with.

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HER RL Logo Red on WhiteIf you are from someplace warm gloat all you want now….

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1 Don Fabrizio-Garcia January 16, 2007 at 08:27 pm

Hi Maureen – I’m in western Connecticut, on the New York border. And, yes, whenever there’s a winter storm heading our way, they’ll usually tell us the day before that the storm is in Ohio and it will hit us the next day. We blame you for all our snow storms! Except for the noreasters…

2 Maureen Francis January 16, 2007 at 09:04 pm

Ohhh, its icy here. We got it yesterday. I took some fabulous pics and I should post one now for the blog tourists.

Does Don have another blog? He needs a blog tour ticket so he can join us.

3 moinoh January 16, 2007 at 10:17 pm

Maureen F: Don does not have another blog (yet…) he just started blogging in late December but has broken the 10,000 (points not blog entries) mark on Active Rain.

Don: I would guess north of us got the same weather that Michigan got… I have not paid attention to the news to know for sure.. but we did not get snow or ice but we had rain for days!!! Teri in Dayton wrote about flooding in their area. I owned a house in a flood plain (100 year?) when I lived there…scary.. I was trying to remember what river we would have lived near.

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