Central Ohio Weather

by Maureen McCabe on January 29, 2012

Central Ohio Weather – January 29, 2012

Oak tree Delaware County

Tree in a snow squall


The same oak tree in Delaware County less than a half hour later.

tree with blue sky

Tree with blue sky 30 minutes after a snow squall


I wish I would have taken a photo of the tree against the dark sky an hour before the snow.  At first the snow was not sticking.  It seemed to be blowing straight east.  A half hour later the snow was sticking on the ground and I could barely make out cars at the intersection just north west of the tree when I took the photo.  I took the photo of the snow from inside and you can see a light fixture reflected in the glass.  I opened the door and took another photo without the glass but this one is better even with the reflection of the office ceiling light.   The blue sky photo I opened the door.

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